Monday, November 28, 2011

Using our Ipads to create Masterpiece Art 2

We used the app 'Masterpiece Me'
to replicate art from famous artists.
We learned to take photos, import the photo to the app, re-size,email and print!

What do you think of them?

Using our Ipads to create Masterpiece Art

Our Masterpiece art

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Digital Learning.

In the Senior room we are learning how to use our Ipads. We can take pictures, crop them to size and email them. We also had a competition between our class groups to see who can create the best Animoto video with pictures we took and edited with an app called PaintMe.

What do you think of our videos?

And the winners with 100 points! Excellent work girls!

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

Falcons 2nd place!

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

Eagles 3rd place

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christian's Bio Poem


Angry happy sad hungry

Brother of Tala Kohu, Nui, Ani and son of Paul Katrina

Lover of pies chips grapes

Who feels thirsty mad sorry for lonely people

Who wants to fly planes drive cars play rugby

Who gives smiles chocolate lolly’s

Who fears spiders bears snakes

Who would like cake house a bath room

Who comes from Otorohanga in New Zealand


Bio Poems


Lovely helpful artist playful

Sister of DJ, Jack and Eli and daughter of Stacey and David

Lover of animals’ Chocolate cake monarch butterfly

Who feels for poor people happy when New Zealand wins

Who needs energy to run to have parents to look after me, who gives presents

To your friends, money to the poor and smiles

Who fears home work, girls and pool changing rooms I would like to share fruit with my friends

Who comes from Napier Otorohanga way.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cooking is fun!

Create your own video slideshow at

Cooking healthy brownies with Jen

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We loved cooking with Jen. We made healthy brownies with less sugar and no butter. The brownies tasted just like the normal brownies. They were delicious.they were nice and soft.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Preparing for our big speech day.

The last couple of weeks flew by and the Senior Room is all set for the Speech day. We've been working really hard to fine tune our speeches. I have been very impressed by Jordan and Leah who have put in a lot of hard work. I'm looking forward to see Kohu's final product, it promises to be out of this world! Christian is getting into the world cup spirit with a very interesting speech about the history of rugby.

Cassie and Lachlan are sharing thoughts on their calves and Leah and Henare will be talking about cats. Tyla decided that she wants to prepare us for Halloween with a scary speech about ghosts, it promises to send shivers down your spine.

Ngutunui school has high standards and I know that the Senior room will deliver.

Go Seniors!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Singing with Suzanne Prentice

On Thursday 12th May 2011 we sang with Suzanne Prentice. She has been singing Kids for Kids concerts for seventeen years and that is a long time. But she has been singing since she was young. These concerts are to raise money for World Vision.

Every day we practiced the songs. My favourite song is ‘Hello Mother, Hello father’. There was one song that we had done last time.

In the morning of the 12th of May we had to be at school by 8:15 am. Then we had to go to Hamilton for rehearsal. First we did the songs without the solos. Then people tried out for the solo, but Fiona and I did not get any parts. Then we did the songs with the solo parts in it.

At night time we had to be at Founders Theatre by 6:45 to get ready. We performed a live concert at Founders Theatre. There were a lot of people there and I was scared to pieces.

I really want to sing with Suzanne Prentice again because I really enjoyed it.

By Renee

Kids for Kids Concert

We got to sing in the Kids for Kids concert with Suzanne Prentice. These concerts are to raise money for World Vision.

It was great fun singing in front of heaps of people at Founders Theatre. Chris from The Funky Monkey's was the pianist, he was funny.

We had a great time at the practice and the night performance.

We can't wait for the next concert in 2 years time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poems by Jordan

TigersTigers have claws,
Upon their paws,
Listen to their roars.

Lightning can strike,
As quick as you like,
It can even hit a bike.

Clouds are white,
But not bright,
In the light.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Chewing gum is yuck
Chewing gum I hate the most
Chewing gum is really gross.

The sky is blue
The sky is bright
On a windy day you can fly your kite.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to the South Island. We went in a car to the Wellington ferry and the car went on the ferry as well. Then we drove to Christchurch to see Nana and Grandad. They don’t live there, they live in Taranaki. On the way down we stopped and saw the seals. We stayed in a motel for the night, the bed was so soft.

Then we went to Aunty Debby and Uncle Nathan’s house. They live in Ashburton. We played with Rachel and Laura Rose. We stayed the night at Aunty Debbies house. We had to share a room Maddy and I slept on the same air bed. The air bed was squishy.

In the morning we went to Uncle Jeff’s house for three nights. He lives in Oamaru. We played with Stellar. She is a miniature pony. We fed her apples and pears. Then we went to feed the chickens and get the eggs, there were four eggs.

After three days we went to Edendale to see the house that we were going to move into and to see the farm as well. Then we went to sign a contract to move into the house. Then we went to Cheviot, it is a little village and we stayed in a motel for the night. The bed was so comfortable.
In the morning we went to motocross because dad was racing. But dad got sore because people stole his donuts for his bike so he didn’t finish the race. After motocross we went to the ferry. We had to wait an hour for the ferry. When we hopped on the ferry we booked a room for us to sleep in.

When we hopped off the ferry we went home and had a big sleep.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Camp to Auckland

Camp to Auckland

On Tuesday the 15th of March 2011 Ngutunui Enviro School went on an exciting trip to many places in Auckland to overcome some of our fears.

At around 9:00am we all gathered at school and placed all of our luggage and items on the bus. 5 or 10 minutes later we left in a bus and a mini-van. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes to arrive at Butterfly Creek.

At Butterfly Creek we had lunch and played on the playground. After lunch we went into a room with around 6 fish tanks full of different species of fish swimming around in the tanks. A few minutes later we entered the Butterfly room, we were cooking like eggs, but we still saw some pretty cool things and read some pretty interesting information off the signs placed around the room. We forgot to fill in our books we were supposed to fill in so we had to go all the way to the beginning and fill in the books. When we finished we rushed through to the extra room and through the door into the crocodile room and we instantly cooled down. Inside we saw alligators, lizards and 2 Salt Water Crocodiles named Goldy and Scar. Goldy and Scar were just lying under the sprinklers and in the miniature pond they had placed in the enclosures. Crocodiles can remain under water for up to 3 hours. After the crocodile room we went into the insect room and the moment you walk in there, there is a doll house full of cockroaches, then we saw a big colony full of bees. We then saw a big tank full of locusts with head shells scattered around the floor. Then we walked over to the tarantula area, we saw many different types of tarantulas. Then we went back to the Crocodile room to watch them being fed.

When we arrived to watch the show the man wouldn’t stop talking until the Crocodile jumped up to grab the food he was holding. Then we went on a train ride around the whole place twice.

Then we went to mini-golf and Lachlan and I won with a tied score of 68.

We went to McDonalds after mini-golf. I had a Big Mac combo and a soft serve with a flake. We went onto the playground and we started playing even though Kohu and I were too tall.

When we had finished dinner we went to Kelly Tarltons. First we entered the education room and Steve taught us about Antarctica. Then we went downstairs to a room full of Antarctic vehicles and little windows that we could see penguins and the temperature the room was and it was -1 degree Celsius. Then we went to stingray bay and we got to feed the fish in the big tank our selves and we got to see the man go into the tank and feed the stingrays. Then we had a competition, we had to hold our hand wrist high in freezing sea water and if we pulled our hand out we had to go run our hand under cold water, Aleisha, Henare and Kohu won. After the competition we went into the tunnel on the conveyor belt, we saw some pretty cool fish including puffer fish, sand- tiger sharks, sharks, eagle rays and lots of other amazing fish. We then went into a room full of eels, crayfish and there was even a Lego display. Then the man told us that we needed to find out where we were sleeping. I slept in the education room. When we all knew where we were sleeping we went to bed at around 11:00.

When we woke up we went into stingray bay and had breakfast. I had 5 Weet-bix and peaches and I had 2 bits of toast. After breakfast we went on snow cats and went for a ride around the penguin enclosure and had to try and find all of the different species of penguins. Henare and I found them all.

After the penguin ride we went to the Sky Tower and we watched a movie until we went up to the main viewing room. While we were up there we saw some interesting things. We also found some interesting information.

When we finished in the Sky Tower we went to 1 tree hill park for lunch. Everyone went and played on the flying fox and swing. When we had played for a while we had to have lunch, we had filled rolls and fruit. After lunch we got to play for another half an hour or so before we went home.

It was a really eventful couple of days. I know lots of people really enjoyed it because I know I did.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Life Education Visit

Nicky and Harold came and visited.

They helped us learn about friendships and what makes a good friend.

We had lots of fun learning with Nicky and Harold.

Harold make a Coconut Slice and ate it all himself, it smelled nice.

Harold was very funnny. We all enjoyed it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Giant Weta

Lucas and I really liked looking at the Giant Weta's.  This Giant Weta was very friendly.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Watch this Sesame Street Video Clip.

What are some of your fears and how do you manage them?

Swimming Sports

Caleb had heaps of fun swimming with his dad at the pools.

Swimming Sports

Yesterday we went to Interschool Swimming Sports at the Te Awamutu Events Centre.
Kinohaku, Kawhia, Hauturu and Piripiri Schools went too.  We got there first and we
were early. We thought we were to start at 10.00 but it got changed to 11.00.
We got to play in the pool. Then we weren't scared anymore. 

Then we started to swim, it was deep.  When we started to swim we got straight in to it. Cassie, Madison
and Leah were allowed to go in the hot pool. Madison didn't do breaststroke and Leah
didn't swim, she swam with Caleb. Cassie did do all the events. Cassie came third
four times.   Madison came third and last.  Madison went early because she was cold.
Leah went swimming with Caleb in the hot pool, he played with Leah. Mrs. S told Cassie to
go get changed.  I went in the girls changing room.  I went in there but then she told me to get back in my togs because I had another final.  Then I did the swimming, I came third.
Then we had to go home. It was the best day ever.

Swimming Sports

On Tuesday 22nd of March 2011 the senior room went to swimming sports at the Te Awamutu Events Centre.
We arrived early thinking it started at ten o’clock but it started at eleven o clock. So we got to swim for half an hour and we weren’t as nervous.
Other schools that competed were Kawhia, Hautaru, Piripiri and Kinohaku, we competed in our year groups.

We did freestyle and Christian came second and got into the finals, Kalem came last and Lachlan forgot to take his goggles down to the pool so he came last as well.
 After that we had our breaststroke. Kalem came first and got into the  finals, Christian didn’t do breaststroke neither did Lachlan because his eyes were stinging.
After that we had backstroke. Christian came first, Lachlan didn’t do backstroke, Kalem came second.
Then we had lunch, we went outside to play around for a while. Lachlan and Christian had a running race, Lachlan won by quite a lot and then Christian tried to run up the outside of the hydro slide.
When we’d had lunch we went inside we started doing the medley, Aleisha and Kalem were the only ones that entered the medley from Ngutunui School. Kalem came first and Aleisha came first because the person that won was disqualified.
Christian was the only one that got into the freestyle final and he won.
After the freestyle finals finished we had breaststroke finals, Kalem was the only one that made it in, he won by quite a lot.
Then we had our backstroke finals, Kalem was the only one that made it in and he lost.
We had a really eventful day, it was great fun even though we didn’t win all of our races.

Swimming Sports

On Tuesday the senior room went to swimming sports at the Te Awamutu event center. There were four schools competing also, they were Kawhia, Hauturu, Piripiri and Kinohaku.  We went in heaps of cars.
We were too early so we had a swim to see how deep it was and now we weren’t scared any more. We had a little play until Mrs.S called us to have our play lunch. 
When all the schools got there we got started. First were the freestyle heats. Maddy, “I got 5th in the freestyle heats.” Aleisha,  “I got 2nd in the freestyle heats.”  Jordan, “I got 4th in the freestyle final.”
 Next was breaststroke.  Maddy  I got 3rd in the breaststroke heats.”  Aleisha“I got 2nd in the breaststroke heats.”
Then we had the backstroke event.  Aleisha,  “I got 4th in the backstroke heats.”  Jordan, “I got 1st in the backstroke finals.” Maddy, “I got in the finals for breaststroke and backstroke. I came last in breaststroke and came 2nd  to last in backstroke but I didn’t get in the finals for freestyle.”
 Aleisha, “I did the medley and I got 2nd in it.”

Swimming sports was a great day and lots of fun.

Swimming Sports

 On Tuesday the 22nd of March, 2011 the senior room went to Te Awamutu Events Centre for swimming sports,  since we arrived early we got to have a play in the pool just to see how deep it was and get use to the water.
The schools that went to the swimming sports were Hauturu school, Kawhia School, Piri Piri School, Kinohaku school and of course Ngutunui school.   The races started with the yearr fours and went up to the year eights. We started with free style ,Henare came 2nd ,Kohu also got 3rdand Renee had got last.  then we did back stroke but we were not that good, Henare got 4th, Kohu came 2nd  and Renee came last again.      
Some of the people from each school got in the finals.  Two people from Ngutunui School won the medley, they were Aleisha and Kalem.
Then we had lunch.  After lunch we had the finals and a lot of students from Ngutunui School were in the finals.  Kohu was in every final, Henare was in every final as well and Renee was in none of the finals.
We all had a go at all of the events except the medley ,but some did. But no one did the relay because we left so we could get on the bus  to  get home . 
Basically everyone got an ice-cream on the way back to  school. When we got to the school we were all tired but in the end we had a really good time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cool Penguins

Penguins are cool. We saw a penguin picking up a rock. I don't know what it was going to do with the rock.

The Awesome Sky Tower

We went to the sky tower, it was so scary. There was a glass elevator and a glass floor.
I really liked the view of Auckland.