Thursday, March 31, 2011


Watch this Sesame Street Video Clip.

What are some of your fears and how do you manage them?

Swimming Sports

Caleb had heaps of fun swimming with his dad at the pools.

Swimming Sports

Yesterday we went to Interschool Swimming Sports at the Te Awamutu Events Centre.
Kinohaku, Kawhia, Hauturu and Piripiri Schools went too.  We got there first and we
were early. We thought we were to start at 10.00 but it got changed to 11.00.
We got to play in the pool. Then we weren't scared anymore. 

Then we started to swim, it was deep.  When we started to swim we got straight in to it. Cassie, Madison
and Leah were allowed to go in the hot pool. Madison didn't do breaststroke and Leah
didn't swim, she swam with Caleb. Cassie did do all the events. Cassie came third
four times.   Madison came third and last.  Madison went early because she was cold.
Leah went swimming with Caleb in the hot pool, he played with Leah. Mrs. S told Cassie to
go get changed.  I went in the girls changing room.  I went in there but then she told me to get back in my togs because I had another final.  Then I did the swimming, I came third.
Then we had to go home. It was the best day ever.

Swimming Sports

On Tuesday 22nd of March 2011 the senior room went to swimming sports at the Te Awamutu Events Centre.
We arrived early thinking it started at ten o’clock but it started at eleven o clock. So we got to swim for half an hour and we weren’t as nervous.
Other schools that competed were Kawhia, Hautaru, Piripiri and Kinohaku, we competed in our year groups.

We did freestyle and Christian came second and got into the finals, Kalem came last and Lachlan forgot to take his goggles down to the pool so he came last as well.
 After that we had our breaststroke. Kalem came first and got into the  finals, Christian didn’t do breaststroke neither did Lachlan because his eyes were stinging.
After that we had backstroke. Christian came first, Lachlan didn’t do backstroke, Kalem came second.
Then we had lunch, we went outside to play around for a while. Lachlan and Christian had a running race, Lachlan won by quite a lot and then Christian tried to run up the outside of the hydro slide.
When we’d had lunch we went inside we started doing the medley, Aleisha and Kalem were the only ones that entered the medley from Ngutunui School. Kalem came first and Aleisha came first because the person that won was disqualified.
Christian was the only one that got into the freestyle final and he won.
After the freestyle finals finished we had breaststroke finals, Kalem was the only one that made it in, he won by quite a lot.
Then we had our backstroke finals, Kalem was the only one that made it in and he lost.
We had a really eventful day, it was great fun even though we didn’t win all of our races.

Swimming Sports

On Tuesday the senior room went to swimming sports at the Te Awamutu event center. There were four schools competing also, they were Kawhia, Hauturu, Piripiri and Kinohaku.  We went in heaps of cars.
We were too early so we had a swim to see how deep it was and now we weren’t scared any more. We had a little play until Mrs.S called us to have our play lunch. 
When all the schools got there we got started. First were the freestyle heats. Maddy, “I got 5th in the freestyle heats.” Aleisha,  “I got 2nd in the freestyle heats.”  Jordan, “I got 4th in the freestyle final.”
 Next was breaststroke.  Maddy  I got 3rd in the breaststroke heats.”  Aleisha“I got 2nd in the breaststroke heats.”
Then we had the backstroke event.  Aleisha,  “I got 4th in the backstroke heats.”  Jordan, “I got 1st in the backstroke finals.” Maddy, “I got in the finals for breaststroke and backstroke. I came last in breaststroke and came 2nd  to last in backstroke but I didn’t get in the finals for freestyle.”
 Aleisha, “I did the medley and I got 2nd in it.”

Swimming sports was a great day and lots of fun.

Swimming Sports

 On Tuesday the 22nd of March, 2011 the senior room went to Te Awamutu Events Centre for swimming sports,  since we arrived early we got to have a play in the pool just to see how deep it was and get use to the water.
The schools that went to the swimming sports were Hauturu school, Kawhia School, Piri Piri School, Kinohaku school and of course Ngutunui school.   The races started with the yearr fours and went up to the year eights. We started with free style ,Henare came 2nd ,Kohu also got 3rdand Renee had got last.  then we did back stroke but we were not that good, Henare got 4th, Kohu came 2nd  and Renee came last again.      
Some of the people from each school got in the finals.  Two people from Ngutunui School won the medley, they were Aleisha and Kalem.
Then we had lunch.  After lunch we had the finals and a lot of students from Ngutunui School were in the finals.  Kohu was in every final, Henare was in every final as well and Renee was in none of the finals.
We all had a go at all of the events except the medley ,but some did. But no one did the relay because we left so we could get on the bus  to  get home . 
Basically everyone got an ice-cream on the way back to  school. When we got to the school we were all tired but in the end we had a really good time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cool Penguins

Penguins are cool. We saw a penguin picking up a rock. I don't know what it was going to do with the rock.

The Awesome Sky Tower

We went to the sky tower, it was so scary. There was a glass elevator and a glass floor.
I really liked the view of Auckland.