Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swimming Sports

On Tuesday the senior room went to swimming sports at the Te Awamutu event center. There were four schools competing also, they were Kawhia, Hauturu, Piripiri and Kinohaku.  We went in heaps of cars.
We were too early so we had a swim to see how deep it was and now we weren’t scared any more. We had a little play until Mrs.S called us to have our play lunch. 
When all the schools got there we got started. First were the freestyle heats. Maddy, “I got 5th in the freestyle heats.” Aleisha,  “I got 2nd in the freestyle heats.”  Jordan, “I got 4th in the freestyle final.”
 Next was breaststroke.  Maddy  I got 3rd in the breaststroke heats.”  Aleisha“I got 2nd in the breaststroke heats.”
Then we had the backstroke event.  Aleisha,  “I got 4th in the backstroke heats.”  Jordan, “I got 1st in the backstroke finals.” Maddy, “I got in the finals for breaststroke and backstroke. I came last in breaststroke and came 2nd  to last in backstroke but I didn’t get in the finals for freestyle.”
 Aleisha, “I did the medley and I got 2nd in it.”

Swimming sports was a great day and lots of fun.

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  1. Wow you guys used quite a lot of detail in your writing I really liked the story.