Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swimming Sports

On Tuesday 22nd of March 2011 the senior room went to swimming sports at the Te Awamutu Events Centre.
We arrived early thinking it started at ten o’clock but it started at eleven o clock. So we got to swim for half an hour and we weren’t as nervous.
Other schools that competed were Kawhia, Hautaru, Piripiri and Kinohaku, we competed in our year groups.

We did freestyle and Christian came second and got into the finals, Kalem came last and Lachlan forgot to take his goggles down to the pool so he came last as well.
 After that we had our breaststroke. Kalem came first and got into the  finals, Christian didn’t do breaststroke neither did Lachlan because his eyes were stinging.
After that we had backstroke. Christian came first, Lachlan didn’t do backstroke, Kalem came second.
Then we had lunch, we went outside to play around for a while. Lachlan and Christian had a running race, Lachlan won by quite a lot and then Christian tried to run up the outside of the hydro slide.
When we’d had lunch we went inside we started doing the medley, Aleisha and Kalem were the only ones that entered the medley from Ngutunui School. Kalem came first and Aleisha came first because the person that won was disqualified.
Christian was the only one that got into the freestyle final and he won.
After the freestyle finals finished we had breaststroke finals, Kalem was the only one that made it in, he won by quite a lot.
Then we had our backstroke finals, Kalem was the only one that made it in and he lost.
We had a really eventful day, it was great fun even though we didn’t win all of our races.


  1. Everyone did so well at the swimming sports it was great to be there. Tania