Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swimming Sports

Yesterday we went to Interschool Swimming Sports at the Te Awamutu Events Centre.
Kinohaku, Kawhia, Hauturu and Piripiri Schools went too.  We got there first and we
were early. We thought we were to start at 10.00 but it got changed to 11.00.
We got to play in the pool. Then we weren't scared anymore. 

Then we started to swim, it was deep.  When we started to swim we got straight in to it. Cassie, Madison
and Leah were allowed to go in the hot pool. Madison didn't do breaststroke and Leah
didn't swim, she swam with Caleb. Cassie did do all the events. Cassie came third
four times.   Madison came third and last.  Madison went early because she was cold.
Leah went swimming with Caleb in the hot pool, he played with Leah. Mrs. S told Cassie to
go get changed.  I went in the girls changing room.  I went in there but then she told me to get back in my togs because I had another final.  Then I did the swimming, I came third.
Then we had to go home. It was the best day ever.