Monday, May 9, 2011

Camp to Auckland

Camp to Auckland

On Tuesday the 15th of March 2011 Ngutunui Enviro School went on an exciting trip to many places in Auckland to overcome some of our fears.

At around 9:00am we all gathered at school and placed all of our luggage and items on the bus. 5 or 10 minutes later we left in a bus and a mini-van. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes to arrive at Butterfly Creek.

At Butterfly Creek we had lunch and played on the playground. After lunch we went into a room with around 6 fish tanks full of different species of fish swimming around in the tanks. A few minutes later we entered the Butterfly room, we were cooking like eggs, but we still saw some pretty cool things and read some pretty interesting information off the signs placed around the room. We forgot to fill in our books we were supposed to fill in so we had to go all the way to the beginning and fill in the books. When we finished we rushed through to the extra room and through the door into the crocodile room and we instantly cooled down. Inside we saw alligators, lizards and 2 Salt Water Crocodiles named Goldy and Scar. Goldy and Scar were just lying under the sprinklers and in the miniature pond they had placed in the enclosures. Crocodiles can remain under water for up to 3 hours. After the crocodile room we went into the insect room and the moment you walk in there, there is a doll house full of cockroaches, then we saw a big colony full of bees. We then saw a big tank full of locusts with head shells scattered around the floor. Then we walked over to the tarantula area, we saw many different types of tarantulas. Then we went back to the Crocodile room to watch them being fed.

When we arrived to watch the show the man wouldn’t stop talking until the Crocodile jumped up to grab the food he was holding. Then we went on a train ride around the whole place twice.

Then we went to mini-golf and Lachlan and I won with a tied score of 68.

We went to McDonalds after mini-golf. I had a Big Mac combo and a soft serve with a flake. We went onto the playground and we started playing even though Kohu and I were too tall.

When we had finished dinner we went to Kelly Tarltons. First we entered the education room and Steve taught us about Antarctica. Then we went downstairs to a room full of Antarctic vehicles and little windows that we could see penguins and the temperature the room was and it was -1 degree Celsius. Then we went to stingray bay and we got to feed the fish in the big tank our selves and we got to see the man go into the tank and feed the stingrays. Then we had a competition, we had to hold our hand wrist high in freezing sea water and if we pulled our hand out we had to go run our hand under cold water, Aleisha, Henare and Kohu won. After the competition we went into the tunnel on the conveyor belt, we saw some pretty cool fish including puffer fish, sand- tiger sharks, sharks, eagle rays and lots of other amazing fish. We then went into a room full of eels, crayfish and there was even a Lego display. Then the man told us that we needed to find out where we were sleeping. I slept in the education room. When we all knew where we were sleeping we went to bed at around 11:00.

When we woke up we went into stingray bay and had breakfast. I had 5 Weet-bix and peaches and I had 2 bits of toast. After breakfast we went on snow cats and went for a ride around the penguin enclosure and had to try and find all of the different species of penguins. Henare and I found them all.

After the penguin ride we went to the Sky Tower and we watched a movie until we went up to the main viewing room. While we were up there we saw some interesting things. We also found some interesting information.

When we finished in the Sky Tower we went to 1 tree hill park for lunch. Everyone went and played on the flying fox and swing. When we had played for a while we had to have lunch, we had filled rolls and fruit. After lunch we got to play for another half an hour or so before we went home.

It was a really eventful couple of days. I know lots of people really enjoyed it because I know I did.

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  1. Wow - what a cool camp! I used to run an enviro-camp at Peachgrove Intermediate and we visited the same places plus a few more.
    Great post - keep up the good work :-)