Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to the South Island. We went in a car to the Wellington ferry and the car went on the ferry as well. Then we drove to Christchurch to see Nana and Grandad. They don’t live there, they live in Taranaki. On the way down we stopped and saw the seals. We stayed in a motel for the night, the bed was so soft.

Then we went to Aunty Debby and Uncle Nathan’s house. They live in Ashburton. We played with Rachel and Laura Rose. We stayed the night at Aunty Debbies house. We had to share a room Maddy and I slept on the same air bed. The air bed was squishy.

In the morning we went to Uncle Jeff’s house for three nights. He lives in Oamaru. We played with Stellar. She is a miniature pony. We fed her apples and pears. Then we went to feed the chickens and get the eggs, there were four eggs.

After three days we went to Edendale to see the house that we were going to move into and to see the farm as well. Then we went to sign a contract to move into the house. Then we went to Cheviot, it is a little village and we stayed in a motel for the night. The bed was so comfortable.
In the morning we went to motocross because dad was racing. But dad got sore because people stole his donuts for his bike so he didn’t finish the race. After motocross we went to the ferry. We had to wait an hour for the ferry. When we hopped on the ferry we booked a room for us to sleep in.

When we hopped off the ferry we went home and had a big sleep.

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