Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The sounds of night

We are exploring poetic writing and the effective use of Onomatopoeia.
Onomatopoeia is a word that imitates a sound or action.

Here are some of our poems. Can you spot the onomatopoeia?

The sounds of night

When I’m asleep I can hear dog’s barking ruff ruff,
I’m snuggled in tightly.
In the inside I can’t see a thing on the outside it’s pitch black.

When I go outside, it’s cold. I can hear birds chirping .
 Mist coming from my mouth.

Outside it’s pouring down,
The wind is blowing rain in through the window,
The rain goes clut clut clut
While the gleaming moon shines through the clouds.

At last I can  see the bright stars
And hear the rooster crowing cock a doodle doo.

By Lachlan


  1. That is a really great poem. Do you guys have a poetry teacher? Good job.
    From Veronica at Sunset view in San Diego

  2. @Veronica Thanks, do you have a class blog we can visit? It's really exciting to get a comment from the USA.
    The senior room.

  3. I enjoyed your story about the sounds of night.
    Things you can work on:Maybe trying to rhyme your story, and being more specific by adding more detail.