Wednesday, August 1, 2012

 Mahė Drysdale

Mahė Drysdale is a New Zealand rowing legend and five time world champion single sculler. He was born in Melbourne on the 19th of November 1978 with the name Alexander Mahė Owens Drysdale, the name Mahė comes from the largest island in the Seychelles.

Mahė went to Tauranga boys college in Tauranga, New Zealand and then to the University of Auckland. He began rowing at University when he was 18. He stopped rowing so he could concentrate on his studies, but started rowing again after seeing Rob Waddel win gold at the Olympic games in 2000. 

Drysdale was chosen to represent New Zealand as the heavy weight sculler in the 2008 Olympics and to carry the New Zealand flag in the opening ceremony. He walked away with the bronze medal for single sculling that year.

Mahė has asked if he needs gold to complete a career with one glaring omission. Let’s see if the 33 year old “lean mean rowing machine” can come away with gold at the 2012 Olympic games.

By Kalem 

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