Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take out

It was a strange quiet night Jake, Zach and Alberto were watching an alien movie and eating pizza. They fell asleep to wake up later only to find something scary outside, they saw a purplish pink flashlight shining through the window. The boys were wondering who the person was and more was he nearby.

The boys went outside to see who it was but they could not see the person. The stranger went inside and locked the door so the three boys could not get in. The mysterious man stole all the electric things.

Zach, Jake and Alberto all start screaming because the man made creepy faces that they had ever seen so Alberto called the police. They told them to come right away. Jake snatched the phone of Alberto and said: “My friend Zach has got kidnapped, we really need help please!”

The police came over to see who the person was. The man was on the big red bed in the spare room. The mysterious man was on the bed eating the pizza that the boys ordered. There were tiny little alien men from the pizza store that the man put on the pizza to make a joke

The man ate the pizza and he turned into an alien plus they found Zach under the bed. The next day a big purplish UFO come down and take him back to the very dark planet so the boys lived happy as ever.

Friday, August 17, 2012


This week we looked at the I-Pad app called 3:15. It is a fun way to help you improve your story writing. This is my story!

 Take Out

Friday night Jake, Zach and Alberto where at the pizza store down town from their house. They collected the pizzas but they were in such a rush that Alberto crashed into the door because he didn’t wait for the door to slide open. He was really lucky that he didn’t have the pizzas. When they got back Jake sliced the pizza but he noticed that it had alien eye balls on it so he thought that he would prank his mum. So he gave her a piece and suddenly she turned into an alien then their dad did the same and they just vanished.

Jake called Sherriff Lachlan he rushed to their house. At that moment the doorbell rang, they thought it was the sheriff but it turned out to be a man dressed in glasses, a black shirt and dark blue pants. He pulled out a flash light suddenly without warning it turned in to a gun and he zapped Alberto and he was out cold. Sherriff Lachlan arrived a few minutes later and they were locked in a gun fight. Sherriff Lachlan fatally wounded the stranger. The man’s skin started to peel off to reveal his real identity. He was the king of aliens.

Lachlan said “I’ve confronted this guy before he broke out of prison.” But now there were no more aliens. Suddenly there mum and dad fell out of the sky and broke a hole in the roof and broke the T.V. So they never brought pizza from there again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


This week we were making Sushi. Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish. It is really healthy and easy to make. We tried the Wasabi, Christian nearly cried!!!

Watch your fingers!!

Mmm, Rice!!

Hope you washed your hands!

We placed our filling a third of the way on the nori. Nori is seaweed.

The finished product!

Our home made Sushi rolls.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ngutunui Mini Olympics

Ngutunui Olympic Champions

South Africa, New Zealand and Jamaica took part. Jamaica were the overall winners with NZ taking silver and South Africa taking bronze.  

Joy of effort

Pursuit of excellence


Proudly South African!!! 



Ngutunui Olympic Flame!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rowing Haiku

Starting signal sounds,
 Rowing gliding through water,
muscles aching Gold.

Gymnastics haiku


Doing flips in the stadium.
people shouting out my name.
golden victory.


Diving slam dunk
Fun today going to win
Gold medal glory

I am finishing
3rd a bronze medal for me
i'm proud of myself

I am excited
It is going to be hard
I'm feeling nervous


Rhythmic gymnastics
Flip,turn,roll,catch,twist and jump
The crowd goes wild

100m sprint haiku

Running down the lane
giving it my all
now the gold is mine

Fencing Haiku

My heart is pumping
I strike quick then I dodge him
The gold is now mine

By Lachlan

Archery Haiku

We're all going for gold,
Arrows flying through the air,
Arrows scoring ten.

By Kalem

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

 Mahė Drysdale

Mahė Drysdale is a New Zealand rowing legend and five time world champion single sculler. He was born in Melbourne on the 19th of November 1978 with the name Alexander Mahė Owens Drysdale, the name Mahė comes from the largest island in the Seychelles.

Mahė went to Tauranga boys college in Tauranga, New Zealand and then to the University of Auckland. He began rowing at University when he was 18. He stopped rowing so he could concentrate on his studies, but started rowing again after seeing Rob Waddel win gold at the Olympic games in 2000. 

Drysdale was chosen to represent New Zealand as the heavy weight sculler in the 2008 Olympics and to carry the New Zealand flag in the opening ceremony. He walked away with the bronze medal for single sculling that year.

Mahė has asked if he needs gold to complete a career with one glaring omission. Let’s see if the 33 year old “lean mean rowing machine” can come away with gold at the 2012 Olympic games.

By Kalem