Thursday, August 16, 2012


This week we were making Sushi. Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish. It is really healthy and easy to make. We tried the Wasabi, Christian nearly cried!!!

Watch your fingers!!

Mmm, Rice!!

Hope you washed your hands!

We placed our filling a third of the way on the nori. Nori is seaweed.

The finished product!

Our home made Sushi rolls.


  1. Kia ora, Ngutunui Seniors. Your sushi looks great. I wish I had been there that day. I like sushi, especially with wasabi. I wonder what your favourite fillings are?

  2. Hi Mrs. Reid
    We really like Tuna, Chicken, Carrots, capsicum and wasabi on our sushi.It is finger licking good!!

  3. Great to see some photos of you all maknig sushi - makes me hungry looking at it! Jen - Energize