Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take out

It was a strange quiet night Jake, Zach and Alberto were watching an alien movie and eating pizza. They fell asleep to wake up later only to find something scary outside, they saw a purplish pink flashlight shining through the window. The boys were wondering who the person was and more was he nearby.

The boys went outside to see who it was but they could not see the person. The stranger went inside and locked the door so the three boys could not get in. The mysterious man stole all the electric things.

Zach, Jake and Alberto all start screaming because the man made creepy faces that they had ever seen so Alberto called the police. They told them to come right away. Jake snatched the phone of Alberto and said: “My friend Zach has got kidnapped, we really need help please!”

The police came over to see who the person was. The man was on the big red bed in the spare room. The mysterious man was on the bed eating the pizza that the boys ordered. There were tiny little alien men from the pizza store that the man put on the pizza to make a joke

The man ate the pizza and he turned into an alien plus they found Zach under the bed. The next day a big purplish UFO come down and take him back to the very dark planet so the boys lived happy as ever.

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